The environmental policy defined by the La Paloma group sets annual objectives and goals for the continuous improvement of behaviour and conduct to preserve the environment. These objectives are reviewed and updated by the Quality and Environmental Management Department and approved by the group’s management.

The management of the La Paloma group is personally committed to complying with this policy and to achieving the objectives.

The fundamental priority of this policy is to implement measures that help everyone working in the group to commit themselves to the environment, assuming suitable behaviour to protect it and to collaborate with the conservation of natural resources. It is summarised in the following points:

  • Compliance with legality: the environmental effects arising from our activity are assessed annually with a permanent updating of the Environmental Management System and a periodic review of the La Paloma Group’s environmental objectives.
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental behaviour
    • Commitment by La Paloma to the training, awareness and involvement of all the personnel in compliance with this policy, ensuring that they know their objectives as a company and their obligations as employees.
    • Internal communication campaigns are held (publicity on plasma screens internally, corporate competitions, holding of the Day of the Environment, etc) to encourage these behaviours.
  • Communication of the La Paloma Group’s environmental policy
    • Internal personnel awareness campaigns, encouraging best environmental practices and facilitating the implementation with recycling centres for the various types of waste for the offices.
    • Training talks for new employees and distribution of information on best environmental practices.
    • Dissemination of the La Paloma Group’s environmental policy and objectives on the corporate intranet.
  • Preservation of natural resources
    • Commitment of the La Paloma Group to the correct use of natural resources through the recycling of materials and the awareness of all the staff of the responsible use of energy, water, paper, etc (internal communications and audio-visual dissemination).

Commitment of the La Paloma Group to extend this policy to its clients, suppliers and sub-contractors so that they jointly show their contribution to the conservation of natural resources.