All the actions of the La Paloma Group are aimed at making the company the best company for the manufacture and sale of ceramic products for the construction sector, thus being valued by the markets we choose, by our clients, suppliers and our human capital.

In line with this objective, the La Paloma Group has adopted a Quality Policy based on the following strategic principles:

  • Exceed the client’s expectations.
  • Empower the effectiveness of the human and technological resources to ensure quality of our products.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in all the company’s processes and activities.
  • Manage risks preventively.
  • Improve internal communication at all levels of the company.

By complying with these principles, our products must meet the strictest standards of quality that apply at all times, offering a high degree of reliability and quality of the products to our clients.

Some of the actions are:

  • Development of projects by our partners, directors and managers, managing relationships with clients, the quality of work, the schedules and associated costs effectively using professional quality methods and standards.
  • Ensure the correct functioning of the Quality System as per the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Management of human resources to obtain the best professionals, based on continuous training and development.
  • Management of work risks and pre-selection of clients.

All the persons that form this group are responsible for the quality of their area and of the work they carry out.

The management of the Paloma Group is personally committed to achieving the quality policy, delegating the supervision and compliance of the Quality System to the Quality and Environment Manager.