A high technology process

Construction techniques and technological innovation, have multiplied the benefits of clinker
pavers front to other paving systems for their optimum performance, both for the transit of
people as the road traffic. Their natural colours and unlimited aesthetic applications, improve
the public spaces appearance where they are placed, creating pleasant environments for
citizens. Its essence, a hundred percent natural, made of paving a sustainable option; does not
generate waste or pollution and it’s reusable for life.

In La Paloma Cerámicas, creativity in innovation comes from the technology, experience, use of
robotics, periodic self-assessments in accordance with European Excellence Model standards
(EFQM), cutting-edge systems deployment of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and
the implementation of advanced BRP (Business Resource Planning).

Six compelling reasons for a very solid product

Its great resistance to stress produced by the water freezing, makes it the most suitable for cold environments.

Its high mechanical performance, enable to withstand high static and dynamic traffic areas, both outside and inside (sidewalks, streets, squares, gas stations, airports, etc..).

The clinker pavers of “La Paloma Cerámicas” maintains its durability and natural colour over time, winning beauty as it ages, being ideal for historic environments rehabilitation.

The characteristics and surface properties clinker pavers make walk enjoyable and safe thanks to the high slip resistance and an attractive design.

Manufactured in the large dimensional variety, colour and roof special parts: water supply, skirting, etc., allows unlimited design.

Minimum maintenance, easy and rapid execution in work and its long lifetime, contribute to an optimization operating costs.

Comparative dof paving as construction material

















Stretcher bond pattern

Block or parquet pattern

Diagonal pattern

Herringbone pattern

Configuration of corners

and angles

Tree jardiniere

Curves and circles

Wall coping

AENOR marc for baked-clay paving brick and accesories

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Ceramic Paving Presentation

If you would like us to give you a personalized presentation of the Ceramic Paving Brick product, please contact us here.

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