La Paloma Cerámicas participates in the LONDON DESIGN BIENNALE 2018 – THE SILENT ROOM

london design biennale

La Paloma Cerámicas has had the opportunity to participate in the London Design Biennale 2018. The quality of the Clinker Glazed bricks and the intensity of the colour meant that the Cobalt Blue Brick was chosen for the impressive project called The Silent Room V2.

Conceived by the designer Nathalie Harb and BÜF architecture and in collaboration with 21dB, The Silent Room constituted the Lebanese pavilion. An intimate and conceptual space where once inside, the public is isolated from the exterior noise and other sensory aggressions. Silence understood as a privilege in urban environments, designed to be an essential element that inhabits The Silent Room and that can be enjoyed by all the public who visit it.


Emotional states is the grand theme around which the Biennale is organised this year. From a privileged scenario such as Somerset House, a large 18th-century historic building on the northern bank of the River Thames, the Biennale explores large questions and ideas on sustainability, migration, pollution, energy, the city and social equality. The visitors are invited to enjoy and interact with the installations.

The London Design Biennale is an unmissable date within the cultural calendar at the global level with projects that bring together the most up-to-date and daring international architects and designers. La Paloma Cerámicas wishes to thank BÜF architecture for making our participation together with them possible.

london design biennale silent room ladrillos

london design biennale silent room montaje

london design biennale silent room finalizado

Apart from the Cobalt Blue Brick used to build The Silent Room V2, the entire glazed range can be seen here:


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