Green Spine Building, the tallest building in Australia

green spine

The spectacular Green Spine building by the Dutch architectural company UNStudio and Cox Architecture, with its head office in Melbourne, was announced as the winning design and, therefore, will be the tallest building in Australia.

We congratulate both architectural offices for this project, a project conceived as a conceptual extension of the Southbank Boulevard Melbourne, where Green Spine will house a vertical city of green spaces with a strong focus on Australian culture, paying homage to the diverse population of the public in the city of Melbourne.

With a height of 356.20 metres, the residential tower will be crowned by the Future Botanic Garden, an impressive high-rise garden open to the public. This building will provide a pedestrian connection at street level through a series of stairs and stepped terraces. The area extends vertically, offering open platforms, a market, meeting places and art installations in a fully cosmopolitan entertainment area. The lowest areas of the towers also will also contain a school, kindergarten, library, cinema, auditorium and an automobile centre by a well-known German car make.

This link shows all the images of the Green Spine project.

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